Why customer reviews are important?

About InStar Card

We, humans, seek recommendations for a reason:


That's why we ask others about their experiences with products and services.

Meet Shopi Soponyai

Behind Instar Card

With roots in New Zealand’s vibrant hospitality scene, from the Coromandel to Hanmer Springs, Shopi’s journey through hotels and restaurants has been rich with experience. Beyond New Zealand, he’s also lived and worked in Hungary, Costa Rica, and Cyprus.

Transitioning from hospitality to becoming a self-made marketer and designer, Shopi has dedicated the past decade to mastering his craft, particularly within the hospitality industry.

Recognizing the unparalleled power of guest reviews in marketing, his Instar Card product range now aims to empower hospitality businesses by leveraging positive guest experiences as a driving force for increasing foot traffic and online visibility.

Our Mission

Deep down, we human beings trust if a service was recommended to us by another human being.

At InStar, we understand that genuine recommendations from satisfied customers build trust and drive business growth.

Our mission is to help local hospitality businesses harness the power of guest reviews, the best marketing tool available.

Why Choose InStar?

We designed InStar Cards locally and will post orders from New Zealand. If you are unhappy with our product, we will refund your money.

Designed Locally

InStar Cards are crafted and shipped from Christchurch, New Zealand.

Effortless Review Collection

Make it easy for your customers to leave reviews with just a tap.

Boost Your Rankings

Gather reviews from satisfied customers to improve your online visibility and attract more traffic.

Increase Your Revenue

Positive reviews drive more foot traffic and boost your revenue.

Join us in transforming your customer experiences into powerful marketing tools.

Increase your genuine customers feedback and watch your business thrive.

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