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Instar Products

Get hands-on or effortless review gathering solutions.


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Custom Branding

Our product range can be fully customised to your brand.

Do you want to increase the number of reviews you receive?

No bots.
No AI.
No fake people.

Get your real but silent customers to share their experiences online with Instar Cards.
The future of customer reviews is only a tap away. Are you interested?

Receive Instar Cards linked to your business’s Google Profile review section. 
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Order your Instar Cards tailor-made to your brand. Click to learn what you need to provide to finalise the design.
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Counter Stands

Effortless solution to gather genuine customer feedbacks. Shipped for free to your door from New Zealand.
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Custom Stands

Get Instar Stands tailor-made to your brand. Place it on the counter and let genuine customer feedbacks flow in effortlessly. 
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