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InStar Card is designed to help hospitality businesses collect instant customer reviews. Tap the card on your customers’ smartphones, and they will be taken directly to your Google review page or a specific URL.

No app is needed. However, your customers need a Google account to leave a review on the Google review card. To leave a review, one must sign in with a Google account. This requirement ensures that reviews are tied to a verifiable identity, which helps maintain the integrity and trustworthiness of the review system.

Our card functions like contactless payments. Holding the card close to your customer’s phone will take them directly to your Google review page or to a specific URL. You can view all card types in our shop.

Yes, having a Google account is mandatory to leave a review.

Ordering is simple. Visit our website at, choose the card that suits your needs in our shop, and follow the prompts to provide your business details.

The cost depends on the number of cards you order. Prices start at $65.22 (inc. GST) for one card. Visit our shop for detailed pricing. 

Yes, InStar Card works on all phones with NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities, including Android and iPhone devices. Most modern smartphones support NFC technology, though the extent of this support varies depending on the device’s make and model.


  • iPhones: iPhone 8 and later.

  • Android phones: Generally, from 2014-15 onwards, NFC became standard across a broader range of mid-range and high-end Android devices.


  • iPhone 8 and later: iPhones have supported NFC since the iPhone 8. From iOS 11 onwards, iPhones have supported NFC tag reading and writing.

  • Android devices running Android 4.0 and later: Most Android phones from major manufacturers like Samsung, Google, LG, Sony, and HTC have supported NFC since around 2011-2012. The specific models may vary, but by 2013, NFC was quite standard in mid-range and high-end Android devices.

    • Samsung: Starting with the Galaxy S III (2012), most Galaxy S and Note series phones have NFC.

    • Google Pixel: All Pixel phones support NFC.

    • Huawei: Many Huawei models, including the P and Mate series from around 2015 onwards, have NFC.

    • Sony: Xperia models from around 2013 onwards often include NFC.

    • LG: Many LG models from the G series onwards include NFC.

If you have a specific phone model in mind, the best way to confirm is to check the manufacturer’s specifications for NFC support.

Ensure that the NFC technology is activated in their phone settings. For Android devices, go to Settings, then Connections or More Settings, and toggle the NFC option on.

Yes, InStar Cards are designed for infinite use. They do not expire and can be used repeatedly by different customers.

Each card is intended for use in a single location. If you have multiple locations or vehicles, you’ll need to order a card for each. We offer sets of cards in our shop.

Yes, each team member can have their own card, or team members can exchange a single card with each other. For example, if you have ten team members working with customers daily, each can have a card to use. Alternatively, you could have one card they can access when needed.

It is a one-time fee. Once you purchase the InStar Cards, there are no recurring charges.

Setup is easy. When you order, provide your business details. We will program the card with your review link and send it to you, ready to use.

Yes, you can order custom-branded InStar products. For the best customised products visit here.

Yes, the InStar Card is designed like an ID card. It was made from fully recyclable plastic materials. The packaging material was sourced from FSC® accredited sustainable sources. The FSC® Label guarantees that the product or material used in packaging has come from responsibly managed forests, where biodiversity is maintained and protected

Our card works similarly to contactless payments. Bring the card close to your customer’s phone, and it will direct them to your a review page.

Yes, during the order process, provide the business information for each card, and we will set them up accordingly.

Yes, you can order cards for multiple locations. Our ordering process requires buyers to submit their business locations. If we are unclear about it, we will contact you before sending your order.

When customers scan the card, they are directed to your designated review page (Google or a specific URL) to leave their feedback.

Yes, we offer cards for TripAdvisor, Trustpilot, or a specific URL. Check our website for more information.

Yes, you are able to order a card with a support stand that you can place on the counter or reception desk. Visit our shop for stands, here.

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